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Our Core Values

All of Petrosea’s achievements are inseparable from our core values that are consistently applied within all elements of our organization.


We adapt to change
Ability to adapt and respond to any situations, with different individuals or teams, and changing their approach in order to embrace all changes within the organization or scope of work

General behaviors:

  • Open and adapt to new approaches and situations
  • Show a positive response to any changes, and/or obstacles
  • Ability to work in dynamic and diverse environments


We stay updated to the industry, technology and people
Ability to collaborate with internal and external parties as well as sharing and collecting information in order to stay engaged with any updates and changes within industry, technology and people

General behaviors:

  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders and the industry
  • Demonstrate curiosity and seek updated information related to the industry, technology and people to support the Company’s performance
  • Seek and request feedback in order to maximize performance


We deliver value to our stakeholders whilst demonstrating our commitment towards the highest ethics and business conduct
Ability to act and perform in an honest and trustworthy manner that is consistent with the Company’s policies and code of conduct in order to maintain the Company’s reputation and client satisfaction

General behaviors:

  • Understand the responsibilities of each role according to the Company’s business ethics and code of conduct in order to create value for stakeholders
  • Consistently communicate transparently and always fulfill agreed commitments


We improve ourselves with no limitations 
Ability to think beyond the conventional and outside the box, while always showing the willingness to take risks and try different solutions. This may involve exploring and generating creative solutions, as well as combining our insights in order to deliver business and stakeholder requirements

General behaviors:

  • Show the ability to think outside the box and come up with new solutions
  • Not easily giving up in dealing with the current situation and always seek new improvements

Open Minded

We listen to and explore new ideas
Ability to receive and respond to new information, as well as discussing ideas with internal and external parties in order to continuously develop ourselves in regards to business results and perspective

General behaviors:

  • Actively seek and respect new or different approaches and feedback
  • Able to share constructive feedback with others
  • Embrace diversity


We care for our safety, health, environment and community
Ability to constantly apply and nurture safety, health & environment initiatives, as well as foster the community in order to grow together and support the Company’s business sustainability

General behaviors:

  • Take responsibility for our own safety and those around us
  • Preserve the environment and community where we are working
  • Consider the safety of every work process and speak up when the safety and health aspects are not in line with Company standards