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Our Core Values

All of Petrosea’s achievements are inseparable from our core values that are consistently applied within all elements of our organization.

  • Safety, Health & Environment

  • Quality Management

  • People

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Safety, Health & Environment

We ensure that our employees, clients, vendors and contractors are committed to the process of planning and preparing to identify and mitigate risks that could affect all employees, contractors, operations, assets, the environment and community in order to achieve our ultimate goal of “Zero Harm to People, Community and Environment”.

Core Behaviors:
  • Take responsibility for our own SHE and those around us
  • Follow SHE standards and procedures
  • Speak up and stop work if SHE is compromised
  • Remind others of any risks and potentially harmful conditions

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Quality Management

Our main priority is to fulfill our client’s needs and build strong relationships to add real value to their operations. We focus on delivering added value to all of our clients by implementing our Petrosea Quality Management System (PQMS).

Core Behaviors:
  • Consistently comply with PQMS standards & procedures
  • Focus on the results & quality delivery for our clients
  • Develop & implement PQMS, aligned to international standards
  • Fully support & participate in the audit process
  • Seek & implement any possible improvements in own areas

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We focus on attracting and retaining the best people with the aim of becoming the “employer of choice” within our industry. We employ people who demostrate the competencies (skill, knowledge, attitudes and attributes) required to meet the Company’s business goals.

Core Behaviors:
  • Treat all employees & clients with professionalism & respect
  • Create an environment where employees can contribute, be innovative & develop
  • Embrace the diversity of our employees as our strength
  • Lead by example
  • Embed a strong learning & knowledge sharing culture
  • Walk the talk

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We retain a high level of commitment towards the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs related to the employees, communities and environment. We focus on four areas, which are Education, Health, Economic Empowerment and Environment.

Core Behaviors:
  • Actively support community development
  • Create effective programs to give maximum benefits to the employees.
  • Maintain a harmonious relationship between the Company & all stakeholders

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