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Kamen Kamenov Palatov


Bulgarian citizen, 43 years old, was appointed Commissioner on April 22, 2019.

He has been with PT Indika Energy Tbk. since 2011, with his latest position as Head of Strategy & Busines Development, having previously held the position of Head of Corporate Investment. His previous experiences include McKinsey & Co. in 2006-2010, Bear Stearns in 2005 and The Northern Trust Company in 1998-2004.

He studied at Franklin & Marshall College, Pennsylvania, USA and earned an MBA double degree from HEC School of Management, Paris / The Chinese University of Hong Kong

He serves as Director of PT Kideco Jaya Agung (since January 2018), Director of PT Cirebon Electric Power and PT Cirebon Energi Prasarana (since December 2017), President Commissioner of PT Interport Mandiri Utama (since December 2018) as well as Commissioner of PT Kariangau Gapura Terminal Energi (since May 2018). He also serves as Member of the Project & Investment Committee at PT Tripatra Engineering and PT Tripata Engineers & Constructors (since April 2016) as well as PT Mitrabahtera Segara Sejati Tbk. (since April 2016).

He has no affiliate relations with members of the Board of Commissioners or Board of Directors. However, he has affiliate relations with the majority and/or controlling shareholders.